About Me

Hej! 👋 I'm Tim Klapdor

I'm a 43-year-old cisgender male (he/him) based in Adelaide, South Australia. I'm married, and our family consists of an 11-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old Kelpie. I work in Higher Education and am passionate about learning, technology and jumping into a problem space.

Photo of Tim Klapdor, lit using a neon colour palette

I'm a creative at heart. I apply my talent for problem-solving to things that have to do with technology and learning. I still occasionally wield a 🎸 guitar or 📷 camera, and I still have muscle memory for Adobe shortcuts to help design a friend's logo or poster. I dabble in code, building simple websites — like this one.

You can find me on a bunch of other sites too.

I would describe myself as an Expert Generalist with skills spanning graphic design, multimedia, web design, project leadership, visual communication, user experience, learning design, course development, online teaching, online systems, interface design and information architecture.

Currently, I am a Manager of Educational Design at the University of Adelaide. In this role I have led the capability and capacity development of the University's online programs.

This includes:

I am keenly interested in innovation and developing and implementing new technologies within an educational context to enhance the learning experience. I believe that technology offers a range of unique opportunities to actualise a range of pedagogical and instructional approaches that can revolutionise the education sector. I love the challenge that new technology brings and the creative process involved in developing an idea through to implementation.

Working at the nexus of technology and education, I have developed a skill for translating ideas, concepts and goals into technological solutions that improve the user experience. I am a skilled communicator who works especially hard to translate ‘tech speak’ into something tangible and understandable.

Always open to new opportunities, I have been working to establish a broad and international personal learning network by working in the open, engaging in social media, writing academically, presenting at conferences and blogging extensively. At the same time, I have become increasingly fluent in leadership responsibilities, large-scale projects and team management. I am poised for further change and growth and ready to seize the next big opportunity.