2024 - Do and Donts

Rather than making resolutions — although there are a few key areas of life I need to resolve and work on — I thought I'd plan some dos and don'ts instead.

This is to lay out the behaviours I want to see from myself and acknowledge the less desirable ones, as well as a way of checking myself against falling down a rabbit hole.

Dos Don’ts
Develop a sustainable routine and rhythm to the week. Lurch from one thing to the next like a drunk maniac.
Sweat every day. I need to work on my fitness and consistently. Use the weather as an excuse. Match the activity to the weather, one is out of your control.
Focus on career development. Work towards the future. Focus less on my current job. It’s fine, and you’re already good at it.
Move away from the drama. Start to call it out, but don’t buy into it. Get sucked into the drama vortex. Face what’s in front of me not the periphery.
Stop talking, start doing. Start making things happen. Make the future. Stop over thinking and wishful thinking.
More food prep. Take the stress out of cooking and make life easier. The carbs. This is the default solution for a lack of preparation, but it’s not helping at all.
Be more social. Make more effort to go out, to call people and reconnect with friendships. Isolate yourself. I recognise the trauma of COVID and the reaction to seal myself off, but it's not healthy.
Connect. Find the others. Get out of my shell and meet more people, build a network, find a way. Fall back to what was. That's still there, but there's a need to push forward now.