Managerial Solutions

The role of a manager seems like an odd one. Why are they here? And by extension, why am I here? What exactly does a manager do? What can they actually do?

During one of my many meetings, I pondered, "What exactly do I do?". How limited are my actions in this process? I decided to write down what actions I am able to actually implement and came up with this short list.

Now, this list diminishes the role of experience and context awareness, as these play a vital role in taking the right actions, but nonetheless, the possible actions of the manager are very limited. I think this is why being a manager so often feels unfulfilling and can be frustrating. There isn't a lot of creativity possible within these constraints. Because of that limitation, it's not very attractive to those with the right experience or context awareness - and this is what breeds managerialism - where those with limited experience and context take on manager roles and proceed to make poor decisions.