There is something about complexity that excites me. That lack of the obvious, elements which are hidden and unrevealed, and how things are interconnected sparks my intellectual curiosity.

Music is a big area of this curiosity and expression. I am drawn to the more complex music and often find myself drawn to hybrids and fusions of styles, tastes and sensibilities. I grew up playing metal throughout my teenage years, which in and of itself plays into the nature of dualities. Here is a whole genre that toys with dualities - of being brutal and beautiful, emotive and reflective, layered and simple, funny and hurt.

I recently came across Four Stroke Baron via r/progmetal on Reddit. They play a heady mix of heavy progressive metal and new-wave sound that is quite unique. I've had their songs on repeat for a lot of this year so far, coming back to the haunting sonic scape of [Cyborg Pt.II: The City](https://youtu.be/7scFocWRan0 for another hit again and again.

This morning I was poking around online and came across the film clip for another song Sundowner. The 3rd person point of view clips are great (I was blown away the first time I saw Lok står när de andra faller). What I love about this Sundowner is how it captures this clip captures the duality of the song. There is the fun and joy of the opening riff and vocal line, but the song soars and changes throughout. It descends and rises, is dark and joyful - and the transition between these dualities is beautifully captured in this tiny transition in the first minute of the song.


I love these little moments in songs and film, and this little clip gives me such joy. The ability to transport you between time and place, space and emotion is jarring and the shock is like a little shot of adrenaline.

You can enjoy the rest of the song here: