May 2024

Another month, another update.

The Vibe

The month of May was when everything went off the rails. I came back from my travels, got sick and needed a couple of weeks to recover from that. It wasn't COVID, it wasn't the flu, but it definitely knocked me on my arse and I needed quite a bit of recuperation. The disruption to my routine really resonated throughout the month, and it just felt like everything struggled to get back on track after that. The last week, everything kicked back in, but man it took a lot.

So the vibe? Well I feel a bit lost. I need some time to get my head back in the game, but that's challenged by finding the time and space to do so. I need to get things back on track in June.

Work-wise, we were in full steam in terms of merger work, which was good and bad. I really don't feel that the process was as productive as it could have been. But at the same time, I quite enjoyed facilitating the workshop and getting back to working more closely with academic staff.


The Aurora, or out attempt to go and see the aurora. Ms A and I packed the car with Frankie and hit the road to head south to where the best viewing was expected. As we drove away from home and the city we could easily see the pink glow through the windscreen. It was great! But we kept heading south... and then nothing. The aurora died down, and the clouds came in! It was a bit of fun, and we did see pink! No photos despite packing the camera and tripod. The next night we headed down to Moana beach and enjoyed walking the dog at sunset with the aim of hanging out till dark in the hope of another aurora showing. While there were no lights, the sunset was off the charts! Such amazing light - the moon was out, it was amazing! (see photos)


I went to see Furiosa at a special screening put on by Krix Speakers where they had done a reference setup of the movie at the Wallis Cinema in Noarlunga. The movie itself was just OK - it was not anywhere near as good as Fury Road - but the sound! It was amazing. The seperation was amazing - nothing was muffled and the way that the V8 engines blended and became musical in the soundtrack was beautiful. There was also a lot of leather in the movie - so lots of squeaking I'm not sure I would have heard before.

I watched Fallout and loved the 50's aesthetic and quirky humour of the series. I've never played the game, but I got sucked into the world very quickly. I do love the ethical and moral quandaries it deals with and the depth that it goes into. There's a lot to the series - and so I might need to pick up the controller for a play.

Ms A and I watched both Dune movies together. I needed a bit of a reminder of the first movie before sitting down with the second. I was surprised with Ms A's attention span lasting for both movies (watched over a couple of weekend, not back to back). They are visually stunning movies and I loved the lore and soundtrack too. I would love a Krix cinema experience of it!


Season 3 of Long Shadow In Guns Guns We Trust was phenomenal. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to understand guns in America. At the end of the day it's still a mystery that nothing has changed despite the carnage, but it was interesting to chart the history and learn more.

A great series was the ABC's Expanse. All three seasons are great, tackling the Argyle Diamond Heist, the sinking of the Blythe Star and the Pine Gap spy base. Each one is told by a different reporter and has it's own vibe and production, but each story is compelling and riveting. Perfect to binge on.